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BB-9750 Baseboard Molding

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  • TypeBaseboard

  • StylePlain

  • ColorWhite Primer

  • MaterialPolyurethane

  • Height6"

  • Width1/2"

  • Length96"

Product Description

Quick Facts

  • Made from dense durable Polyurethane
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Flexible yet strong
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Sand-able
  • Safe to install indoors or out

BB-9750 Baseboard Molding is a 6" tall Baseboard molding. These baseboards are lightweight, yet very strong to withstand the impact of everyday living (vacuum cleaners, kids, etc.). The lengths make them easy to work with so you can install them quickly and they are very consistent so you can neatly finish any seams for a professional installation

uDecor Baseboards are manufactured with a dense architectural polyurethane compound (not Styrofoam). Polyurethane is durable and 100% waterproof. The material can be sanded to shape just like wood.

A major advantage of polyurethane is that it will not expand, constrict or warp over time with changes in temperature or humidity. It's safe to install in rooms with the presence of moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. This product will not encourage the growth of mold or mildew.

Installation is simplified with the use of modern adhesives. Small finish nails are used to secure the molding while the adhesives set. See below for installation instructions.

This molding is delivered pre-primed for most paints. Always test your paint on a small section to make sure there are no compatibility issues with the paint and primer. Most home latex paints work great on our molding.

It is easier to paint the molding before installation. Working at waist level is always better than working on your knees. Paint your molding before you start the installation process. Then touch up the imperfections after you are done with the install. ALWAYS test a section with your paint of choice before committing to painting all of your molding. Paint formulations change all the time and you want to be sure there is no adverse interaction between your paint and the primer on the molding.

Joining Pieces-
Always use an appropriate amount of adhesive on the end of any of the molding being joined end to end. This prevents the molding from separating as the house walls expand and contract from temperature changes.

Last Piece on a Wall-
For a tight fit and seams, cut the last piece that is going to be on a wall just a little long. 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch is usually enough to allow you to snap that piece in place making sure all your joints stay nice and tight.

Lining Up The Pieces-
When two pieces of molding are being joined together in a run (end to end) leave the last two feet of the open end of the installed molding loose so you can have some alignment room when you join the next piece.

Finishing The Job-
Use Spackle to fill in nail holes and painters caulk on the edges between the molding and the wall and ceiling. Touch up these areas with paint.

Materials used in the construction of this product are 100% waterproof.


uDecor, Inc. provides a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original purchaser of our polyurethane products. This LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY provides that the polyurethane material will be free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship under normal and expected use. This warranty does not encompass all of the products sold by uDecor, Inc. and is exclusive to our polyurethane products only. Other products may carry their own manufactures warranty. Call us at 1-877-550-0600 for details.

uDecor, Inc. provides a LIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the original purchaser on the FINISH of our polyurethane products. This LIMITED WARRANTY provides that the FINISH on the polyurethane material will be free from finishing defects under normal and expected use for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover failure of a customer applied finishing system caused by material incompatibility.

  • Polyurethane products are for decorative use only
  • Primered products must be finished with an additional layer of finish paint. User is responsible to ensuring that the chosen finishing system is compatible with the primer/material.
  • Should be installed with non-corrosive fasteners and urethane approved adhesives in accordance with the installation instructions
  • Unprimed areas should not be exposed to UV light (sunlight)
  • Polyurethane products should not be installed in areas that experience ambient or surface temperatures above 140 degrees fahrenheit
  • Polyurethane products should be stored flat in normal ambient temperatures

If the material proves to be defective and has been installed and existed within the bounds of the above requirements, the customer should contact uDecor, Inc. in writing or by phone within 30 days of discovering the material defect. uDecor, Inc. may require digital images, a sample of the material or a combination of material and images to be sent to uDecor, Inc. for evaluation. Upon review of materials and installation methods, uDecor, Inc. will determine if replacement, repair or refund is appropriate. uDecor, Inc. is not liable for the cost of labor, transportation, or any other expenses incurred in conjunction with the purchase, use and installation of the material.

This limited warranty does not cover damage from the result of mishandling in transportation, acts of God, customer modifications, vandalism, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, unreasonable care, or other causes that did not arise from manufacturer defects in workmanship and/or materials. No person or entity is authorized to change, modify, or amend the terms of this limited warranty in any manner.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty applies to our polyurethane based materials only.

Contact: uDecor, Inc. • 8302 Espresso Drive, Suite 130 • Bakersfield, CA. 93312 • 877-550-0600 •


If you believe there is a defect in your material and want to make a claim under this warranty, please notify:
8302 Espresso Drive, Suite 130
Bakersfield, CA 93312

Allow 48 hours for the molding to acclimatize to the conditions where it will be installed.

For more how to videos, visit our DIY learning center



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5 out of 5


Lovely item with just the right amount of detail

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5 out of 5

Excellent Product

Easy to install, I had my carpenter do the install, They look great

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5 out of 5

Looks fantastic

This product was extremely easy to work with. Light weight, made for a one-man job. Most importantly, it looks fantastic.

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5 out of 5

Looks great...what a difference in how the room looks!

Easy to install, easy to cut and super light to work with... everyone that has seen the installed product says it looks really good.

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5 out of 5

Go for it

Very easy to clean , makes cleaning job lot easier just dust it with feather duster and looks really good , canít say itís not wood Wife loves it

5 out of 5

Looks great! Easy to install!

The baseboards are very easy to handle and install. They look great and are a great improvement from the old molding that was there. Ordering product was very easy and it comes quickly and in great condition. This is not my first order as I have installed crown molding on 2 separate occasions before this order.

5 out of 5

UDecor does it again

This is not the first time I have used your products. As always well packed, no damage, and great quality!!

5 out of 5

Looks perfect.

The baseboard molding looks great. It add tremendously to the room I put it in. Very easy to use and install.

5 out of 5


Merchandise delivered fast.moldings easy to use,representative was helpful and honest. Just wish I could go to a store to buy. I will use again.

5 out of 5

Quality baseboard at affordable prices!!

It was very easy to install and looks great!

5 out of 5

BB-9750 Baseboard

The baseboards are nice to work with, easy to cut and install. However, they do not like to be spray painted, I had to install in its shipped condition and then paint them on the wall. I normally paint baseboards at my shop, install them, caulk and paint touch up as needed. Overall, I like the product, especially its weight.

5 out of 5

Went up well and looks good

Was flexable enough to cover up a lot of the imperfections of and old house. Happy with the purchase.

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5 out of 5

BB-9750 Baseboard Molding

Great product. Placed in dining room

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4 out of 5

Best Price I've found

Looks great, easy to work with. Gets a bit dusty when cutting.

5 out of 5


This was the best investment to upgrade our office space! Easy to work with and looks Great!