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  • ALWAYS test your paint on a small piece before commiting to painting your whole project. Paint formulas change so offten it is hard to keep up with the latest data and the best way is to test out a sample before hand. Make sure the paint dries to the hardness you expect and the gloss level you expect.
  • Paint your crown before you install it. Once the molding is installed, you can go back and touch up areas. This is much easier than spending hours on a ladder brushing paint on the molding after it has been installed.


  • Make your last piece on the wall just a little long, so it "snaps" into place forcing the molding tight together.
  • ALWAYS use glue between joints. This prevents joints from opening up as the house walls expand and contract over time.
  • When two pieces of molding are being joined together in a run (end to end) leave the last two feet of the open end of the installed molding loose so you can have some alignment room when you join the next piece.

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